The team

Smile Book Edition is first and foremost a friendly, inclusive adventure, the result of a collaboration between authors and artists who love working together to create resources for smiles and change.

Our mission charter is constantly developing, based essentially on human criteria. Each participant needs to get involved only with projects that they like and want to contribute to.

As a young organisation, we work on a part-time basis with talented, open-minded independents. All their ideas enrich us, and we’re putting everything in place to build long-term partnerships.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you feel carried and guided in that direction!

Today, Smile Book Edition is:


Because books have given us so much, and it’s our turn to share.
Because we believe in the possibility of heart-to-heart distribution, through networks of readers, by word of mouth, and through the power of the law of attraction.
Because we’ve been guided and helped throughout the process of creation.
Because it’s one of the ways in which we’re contributing to changing the world our daughter is growing up in.
Because it’s a joy and an opportunity that we want to experience with you, our readers.”

Elsewhere on this site you’ll find more about Laurent, Penelope and the creation of Smile Book Edition.

Graphic artists:

“I’m a graphic artist and designer, and I love putting my artistic sense to work on new projects. I love colours, images and typography. I explore, I dig down, and I let my vision guide me, because it always knows how to get me to the desired result.

After reading the manuscript of Penelope’s ‘I Changed My Life’, which arrived at just the right moment, I made contact with Laurent to tell him how great I thought the book was. That was the start of our collaboration on the printed version of the book, leading to the launch of Smile Book Edition.

Working with Smile Book Edition is a pleasure every day. They have a wealth of projects for exchanges on a whole range of subjects, all with a single aim – to share happiness and joy with their readers.
I feel grateful and so lucky to participate in this wonderful adventure.
Smile Book Edition, the meeting that changed my life.”







== Comment received after working together on the publication “I Changed My Life” == 

“I’m a French-English translator, and I love explorations, both literary and linguistic. As I explored this manuscript, it was very exciting to find new language to translate its passionate convictions. This book, the fruit of several years work, dares to challenge received ideas. 
I found out something new on every page, often in every paragraph.
It’s a real pleasure to work with such lively, professional people as Penelope and Laurent!”