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So, you found this website, and your inner voice has suggested contacting us about the book that you’re just in the process of writing?

Here are our main selection criteria:

  • Positive books that put a smile on people’s faces, that promote development, that strike a chord with readers.
  • All types of content (text, photos, illustrations), as long as they’re organised and have good energies. Not a draft, but a manuscript that you’ve put the best of yourself into.
  • If you’re hesitating right now, take the time to check what feels right to you.
    We work more like a family than a rigid organisation. We go straight to the heart of things, so when a project is moving, it’s moving. Focus on what you want the book to do for you before you contact us. Then tell us all about it!

You’ve already got a clear vision?  Contact us (see below), say hello and share a few words about your project. Basically, let’s start by finding out a little about each other, and then you can send us your text!


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