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A new way to enjoy food, a new way to think, a new way to live.

Happiness creates more happiness, and smiles are very catching! Smile Book Edition is founded on this principle – if you smile at somebody, they’ll be happier for a few seconds, a few hours, or possibly the rest of their lives! Our mission, the thing we want to do, is to help create a world of happy, smiling people who know who they are, who are confident in their lives and about the help that the Universe will always give them, and who pass on their own inner radiance with a brilliant smile.

By creating Smile Book Edition, we’re investing in an ideal for living which could apply to the whole of human society on this planet. We’re putting our faith in the possibility of a fair and ethical division of the money generated by sales. We offer a new place for self-expression by people who are on their way to finding themselves.

Smile Book Edition is also about tools, ideas and sharing.

Smile Book Edition is intended to be participatory. You don’t create happiness by hiding away in your little corner, and our network of readers is of fundamental importance in the development of this project.

The way we see our mission as publishers involves more than just producing quality books. Also in the pipeline are video conferences; sessions where people meet and share their experiences; practical workshops; a members’ area for making contacts and meeting up; exclusive content, and so on. You are the ones who will make the difference. Because you like our books, you’ll pass the message on. Because you relate to our concept, you’ll help us find out about your own favourite topics and insights, and pass them on.

Change begins with yourself.
Everything is possible if we focus on the things that lift us up and bring us joy.
Our mission is also to provide you with resources, content, things to think about, and things to help you on the way to a joyous existence.

We’re sure that a smile can change everything. What do you think?